About Black Box Cajons

So if you want to know what a Cajon is, there are plenty of other sites that will give you the history of this wooden box from the days of slavery to date. If you are considering purchasing a Cajon and would like to consider Black Box Cajon Co. then read on…

In 2013 a Durban based music school (Sycamore Academy of Rock) decided to include a few Cajons to their ever increasing list of instruments. There’s nothing cooler for an acoustic set and it was decided that, as instruments go, Cajons were a “must have”.

At the time Cajon options were quite limited in South Africa. Cheaper imported boxes were just that (cheap) and if and when available, quality Cajons were way too pricy. Its just a wooden box at the end of the day.

Ant Coetzee, one of the Rock Academy team who happens to be a cabinet builder amongst other things set out to build the Rock Academy requirement and in that was born Black Box Cajon Co. We have since sold Cajons to folk in the UK, Zimbabwe and all over SA.

So what makes BBCC Cajons so cool?

All Black Box Cajons are made from 9mm Birch Ply (arguably the best tone wood for drums). Our unique design provides awesome structural integrity while keeping it lighter. The thinner ply enhances resonance to give a great unique sound. Birch provides awesome sound quality so its the only timber we use in our Cajon bodies.

Box options:

BBCC Cajons are in two sizes;

Tall Boy – this is the traditional Cajon size with a 300mm square seat and height of 470mm

Travel Cajon – Designed for the travelling musician the seat is 265mm deep, 250mm wide and the cajon 370mm heigh. Finishes • Blondes – Natural wood look • Stains – Mahogany, Black, Cherry, Orange and sometimes some funky blues and greens

Paints – We infrequently manufacture high gloss paint finishes. The labor cost tends to push pricing out so we run theses occasionally as special editions. Traditionally these are in Ferrari Red, Black, Classic Blue and Green (looks like a fridge from the 1950’s) and white.

Note that all BBCC Cajons are finished in Clou Urethane and stains. Clou is imported German excellence but worth it for sure. These Urethanes are scratch, heat and water resistant and are the only paint product we use.

Tapa Options

• Walnut
• White Beech
• Sapele
• Maple
• Birch 4mm

Tapas are all 2,7mm apart from the Birch tapa which is 4mm thick. We are always on the look out for better Tapa options so look out for updates in this regard.


All our Cajons are made with fixed snares. We don’t do adjustable snares as theses just aren’t as popular. We do however allow for additional snares to be added and the double sound hole assists in this regard. We only use drum snares as guitar strings dont last as long.