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Travel Stain


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Travel stain with beech tapa is 370mm high and 250mm wide by 265mm deep.

In stock


Product Description

Travel Cajon – Designed for the travelling musician the seat is 265mm deep, 250mm wide and the cajon 370mm heigh.

Blondes are a natural wood look which is birch ply with urethane finish.

Note that all BBCC Cajons are finished in Clou Urethane and stains. Clou is imported German excellence but worth it for sure. These Urethanes are scratch, heat and water resistant and are the only paint product we use.

Tapa Options

• Walnut
• White Beech
• Sapele
• Maple
• Birch 4mm

Tapas are all 2,7mm apart from the Birch tapa which is 4mm thick. We are always on the look out for better Tapa options so look out for updates in this regard.


All our Cajons are made with fixed snares. We don’t do adjustable snares as theses just aren’t as popular. We do however allow for additional snares to be added and the double sound hole assists in this regard. We only use drum snares as guitar strings dont last as long.